Transfer money faster, cheaper and better

Money exchange houses, banks and other providers could charge you a higher fee when sending money home to your loved ones. Letsremit is cheaper, secure and is available 24x7 on your computer, tablet or mobile. Say goodbye to standing in long queues for money transfer.

5 simple steps to getting paid

Sending money with Letsremit is cheaper, easy and secure. We are available 24x7 online. There are five easy steps to send money to your loved ones:


Select Country

Please tell us the country you are going to send money to


Delivery Method

Tell us if you would like your loved ones to receive money in their account or you would like them to pick up money from an exchange in your country. Our exchange rates and fees are clearly displayed


Receiver Details

Add your recipient by entering their name, address and other details.


Payment Method

Please select if you would like to pay by your credit card/debit card or would like to deposit the send amount in bank account



Please add the total amount you would like to send or you would the receiver to receive. We display our rates and fee transparently.

For more details please contact us